Fast food

BTC Food & Beverage has five concepts for a quick meal or take out.

Wrap It! gives customers the freedom to create distinct and innovative wraps with a choice of meat, chicken, vegetarian and shrimps, along with a variety of side dishes such as salads, French fries, falafel and beverages. Wrap It! uses freshly made tortilla bread, fresh vegetables and premium meats and dressings.

Spice Republic offers customers the finest fast food while experiencing India’s rich culture, exotic flavors and diverse cuisines. It offers dishes from several regions of India and values the importance of spices in food preparation, which are used to enhance the essence of each dish.

Evviva offers customers traditional Italian cuisine prepared in a modern style. Customers can select their favorite pasta with any combination of meat, vegetables and sauces. The dishes are prepared in an open kitchen to entertain the customer as they wait for their meal.

The Rice Room offers authentic Vietnamese cooking in a contemporary atmosphere. Dishes are made with the highest quality ingredients and are freshly made in the kitchen every day. The Rice Room strives to be a more health conscious choice for customers by using fresh herbs and vegetables in the dishes. Pho soup is one of its specialty dishes and it is known as one of the healthiest and most nutritious soups.

Wrap It!
Spice Republic
The Rice Room
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