Commis - Chinese Cuisine (Filipino)

Date Posted
23/04/17 11:41 AM

Detailed Description

 Assists the chefs if they require help.
 Assists in the preparation of meals by chopping ingredients, making salads, and putting together entrees
 Ensures that leftover food is stored properly, performing kitchen maintenance tasks such as emptying the trash and washing dishes, and testing the temperature of food at specified intervals
 Prepares the kitchen before the chefs arrive to cook
 Assisting Kitchen Chef in preparation of the food items, controls and records wastage and stock rotation and makes sure first expiry first out (FIFO) is strictly followed and all store rooms/ fridges and freezers are in order and ensures ingredients are available at all time to ensure the correct menus are always available.
 Set up and clean the back of house service areas (stock room, food preparations areas, dishes, kitchen) and ensures that standard hygiene in food preparation is strictly observe and the subsequent handover and closing duties is adhere for the readiness of the store operations every shifts.
 Present at the pre-service briefing and be in constant communication with the front of house/service team and prepare the ordered food in standard and timely manner.
 Reports back of the house/kitchen/food preparation area faulty equipment, machinery, service-ware and any related issues/incidents to the Manager to ensure smooth running of daily store operations.
 Prepare food items according to the standard recipe.
 Complete the daily mise en place tasks for the section to the required standard within the given time.
 Kitchen and store rooms are spotless clean and hygiene is kept up at all times.
 Follow the hygiene standards in preparing, serving food and beverage for the customers at all time.
 Follow the grooming and uniform standards as per the company policy.

Occasional Duties:
 To assist on other sections or help with other duties when the kitchen is short staffed, in emergencies, and/or when number of covers require.
 To assist and help the cleaners and make sure that all kitchen equipment are clean and in well condition

Main Characteristics and Conditions:
 To be able to work under pressure, for long hours in a heated environment
 Has the ambition to succeed.
 Assist the kitchen team to maintain and improve quality, standards and cleanliness required by the chef
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