Chef De Partie - Chinese Cuisine (Filipino)

Date Posted
23/04/17 11:39 AM

Detailed Description

 Prepare food items according to the standard recipe.
 Prepare, check and taste the food before the service.
 Complete the daily mise en place tasks for the section to the required standard within the given time.
 Maintain the correct level of stock as set down by the Head Chef and minimize wastage of any sort.
 Ensure that all kitchen equipments are properly maintained and there is minimum damage while in use.
 Manage and train Demi-Chef De Parties and Commis, appropriately delegate and assist in all tasks delegated within the section.
 Ensure knowledge of the product is maintained and communicated to all relevant personnel.
 Ensure that the kitchen and store rooms are spotless clean and hygiene is kept up at all times.
 Understand and adhere to the company’s policy relating to fire, hygiene and safety, licensing and employment and to ensure team members similarly comply.
 To keep high standards of cleanliness on section, also to assist in any job regarding hygiene or cleanliness asked for by a head chef
 Prepare, cook and serve food delegated as your responsibility, ensuring that the highest possible quality is maintained and that agreed standards for food preparation and presentation are met at all times under guidance from a head chef
 Monitor stock movement and be responsible for ordering on your section
 Remove any hazards and make safe any defects in the kitchen or its equipment and report any problems to a senior chef  To be familiar with the opening and closing procedures of the kitchen and carry them out as rotated
 Control incoming goods and store it in perfect conditions.
 Monitor stock movement, to ensure stock security
 Follow the hygiene standards in preparing, serving food and beverage for the customers at all time.
 Follow the grooming and uniform standards as per the company policy.
 Perform other duties as assigned.

Occasional Duties:
 To assist on other sections or help with other duties when the kitchen is short staffed, in emergencies, and/or when number of covers require.
 To assist and help the cleaners and make sure that all kitchen equipment are clean and in well condition

Main Characteristics and Conditions:
 To be able to work under pressure, for long hours in a heated environment
 Has the ambition to succeed.
 Assist the kitchen team to maintain and improve quality, standards and cleanliness required by the chef
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